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We make your vision a reality

We Create More Then Websites


We Learn

We are making every effort to know as much as posible about your business so that we can understand your needs and the needs of your target audience.

We Prepare

We then come up with a plan that meets your needs and sets achievable goals made just for you.

We Bring Life to Your Vision

We take everithing we learned about you, about your organisation, about your audience, and we bring them all together in order to make your vision a reality and for the whole internet to see.
Just One Stop Shop For…


Responsive Website

Responsive websites that fits your business needs.

Website Maintenance

From now and then, any software needs to be updated. We’ll make sure that your website runns properly.

Website Speed Optimization

We make websites faster and boost their performance. The slightest increase in speed will increase your conversions.

Website Security

We provide the security and the performance required for your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far the most valuable medium to reach your audience. We help you manage your Email marketing lists and help grow them.

Social Media

We will help set up your social media accounts in order to increase your market reach.

After Working With Us, This is What…


Gabriel is an excellent project collaborator and a thorough professional in his field.

He had a great input in Antreprenor 2.0 as an online expert and I am highly thankful for his efforts to keep our work on the right track!

Elena Simion
Coordinator of Structural Funds Department, Fundatia Post Privatizare

Gabriel Pioaru helped me set up and run my personal blog He did a lot more than I expected: helped me to “think it through”, select the right options, overcome the obstacles and produce it on time. he has a well developed sense of responsibility and timing. There are so many things that delay websites and he knows how to keep the ball rolling. He’s exerienced with Word Press and Adwords and I would not hesitate in recommending him highly.
Rupert Wolfe Murray
Author & PR consultant, Untold Stories PR Ltd

I promoted Castle Craig Hospital in Romania for over 3 years. It was very good working with Gabriel Pioaru, who helped us develop, perfect and implement our online marketing. He is focused on results and helped us optimise our online marketing efforts to great effect — the Castle Craig website in Romania does very well. His advice was spot on, whether it was about newsletter content or website management. He was always prompt in communication and his advice helped us see things in a new perspective.
Manuela Boghian
Online Editor, Castle Craig Hospital


Working with Gabriel Pioaru not only added value to my business, but offered a certain personality. Step by step, we gathered all the information, than put it into the right places on the website. Gabriel goes beyond a simple website designer. He is able to understand and create valuable ideas and links to develop any type of activity. I have no hesitation to recommend Gabriel Pioaru to people who want a website from to A to Z.


Zet Media Team

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