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Doing Bob Things – Episode 1

This is Bob the Bear. Bob has no arms. "Knock-Knock" - Who is it? It isn't Bob! See the Pen YBompj by Gabriel Pioaru (@gabriel-pioaru) on CodePen. Design created using only HTML&CSS with SCSS preprocessor. Project inspired by Sasha

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How to upgrade to PHP7 version from .htaccess

In case that you can't use the PHP Version Manager in cPanel, you can change your PHP version by adding a line of code to your .htaccess file of your wordpress website. To apply these changes you can use a FPT software like FileZilla (this is what i usually use)....

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How to change WordPress directory name

Wordpress has alot of flexibility when it comes to moving it's core file and folder structure, or  like in our case, to change the Wordpress directory name. For example, you may have a wordpress installation like domain.com/myblog and you want to change that to...

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